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The Arkansas State Video Network provides interactive video conferencing services across the state. The network supports teleconferencing, telemedicine, distance learning, telejustice, and telegovernment .

Several projects are currently underway to help extend the service offerings of the state video network in areas exploring technical issues, emergency application, health care, and distance learning. The network has experienced tremendous growth in recent years because videoconferencing is uniquely positioned to fulfill needs for access to education, medical consultation, legal testimony, or conference participation not otherwise available.

A major project currently underway is the rollout of new and/or updated video systems in public school sites around the state. 264 sites are scheduled to be added to the system for the upcoming school year. A large-scale project like this requires close coordination from a variety of participants, such as school districts, education cooperatives, and vendor partners. This project includes the installation of new circuits, routers, and video systems, as well as testing to ensure quality of service. The project is led by the Department of Education, with technical support provided by the Department of Information Systems. This project is the result of the grants provided by Act 34 of the 2nd Extraordinary Session of 2003.


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